Lewisham Mandolin Concert Review

(Thanks to Shirley Russell for this update)

In my head, the sound of mandolins always seems to conjure up pictures of warm mediterranean landscapes and so last sunday, a rainy day in London was transformed into a brighter day when I went along to the London Mandolin Festival. An orchestra of about 20 plus mandolins, 8 guitars, and 2 double basses gave an inspiring performance with a variety of pieces, traditional and modern. The festival was seeking to get more people interested in playing the mandolin and as well as some information about the music, there was a light hearted commentary on playing mandolins, the players and their societies.

I was particularly impressed by the sequined ties that formed part of the uniform of one of the mandolin societies. Ian Sequi who came to one of our meetings last year with the Lewisham Mandolin group, seem to belong to most of the London mandolin societies and was given a well deserved round of applause for being the main organiser of the festival.

Should you be a composer of music - the festival is looking to showcase new pieces for mandolins at their next event.


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