Meeting 16th May

Ah !! May!

Start of Summer and the sound of a decent pluck and strum in the offing..

Plus we welcomed the return of our intrepid chairman who responded manfully to the biblical command of "Arise..Throw off your stick and Walk!" accompanied by heavenly choirs of plucked guitars! He even went two steps further by picking up his guitar and joining in!!

Great to have you back Den!

A rather busy evening of ensembles and solo performances. We are now entering the final stage of practice for the Guitar Federation Meeting and the things are starting to get serious! Not content with Mr Witts Suite, Ray has thrown another challenge for use in the form of Schuberts 'March Militaire' and Gabrielli's 'Canzona'.

A copy of the Canzona MID file is available here

The following members of the BGS Society have confirmed their participation for the Federation Event

They include
Denis Stockton (Guitar 1)
Steve Pearson (Guitar 4)
Shirley Russell (Guitar 2)
Tom Page (Guitar 4)
Richard Frenkel (Guitar 4)
Jenny Wormald (Guitar 1)
Trevor Pike (Guitar 3)
Dave Hampton
Andrew Ferrier (Guitar 3)
Vince Chittenden

Hope I have the Guitar pieces correct and I haven't left anyone out.

If not please email me at

Keep watching the Blog space for more information about the Federation Event

BGS Concert:
The Concert Arrangements have been a bit up and down at the moment but we just might have a rather nice surprise for October the 17th.

Keep watching this space for further details

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