Meeting Saturday 17th October

After a heavy session of culinary over indulgence at a Thai restaurant (its all Mae Pings fault!!- the food was delicious!!), your correspondent managed to 'roll up' (literally) with guitar and sundries to St Marks for a brisk aerobic workout for the fingers and the ear.

Ray Butcher (the Lord Coe of the ensemble aerobics) took as all through our paces with a bash at the Drunken Sailor, followed by a reprise of our Federation Guitar Society Hit- that's right...I am referring to our old buddy Mr De Witt which was a ploy to get us ready for the main act- Scarlatti's Sonata in D for four guitars. This nifty little number is a major challenge, especially if you have been allocated the part for Guitar 1 where you suddenly have to pay a LOT of attention to all the notes around the 8th to the 12th fret.

But Ray was kind. We only have to get this one ready for the Beckenham Festival for 2010 which is just as well as it will take your correspondent up to 12 months just to make a decent stab at it!!

To lighten the mood a little, Christine Dabrowa kindly brought along a lovely little piece (Ronde) by Pieter Van Der Stack for four guitars. We'll add this to our repertoire for next year's festival as well.

We were entertained with a number of Solos from members as well.

John Mann reprised his performance of Sonatina from Masterclass. Rob Sellery played some wonderful Brouwer pieces while Tom Rimmer gave a tribute to Turlogh O'Carolan with Planxty Irwin, followed by a duet of easy Sor pieces with Rick Frenkel. Unfortunately we have no sound files or photos (damm)- in fact we have been a bit remiss in this area lately- I'll make sure that we have something ready for the next meeting.

It was a great evening as one normally expects. Special thanks to Shirley Russell for stepping in to take on Trevor's role as BGS 'Quartermaster' of refreshments (Or should that be Quartermistress??? don't go there Andrew!!)

We were missing our erst while chairman who is rumoured to be wandering around the Bulgarian Countryside somewhere with a guitar in one hand and a bottle in the other. However we are confident that Theresa will keep an eye on him to make sure that he behaves! Hopefully we will see him emerge at the December meeting!!

Unfortunately Ray won't be available to lead us with ensembles at the next meeting as he has another commitment (and no, the rumour that he is in despair at our last performance is not true!!). However, Christine has kindly offered to step in and lead the ensemble practice for November.

Don't forget to keep February free as the Wealden Guitar Society will be entertaining us with some guitar performances

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