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Dear all
I wanted to let you know about my next concerts. None of them are in London, but if you are anywhere near the places they will happen, please do come along! I have posted links so you can have a look and below is a little blurb about the programme with The Clerks.

With all best wishes

Merit Stephanos

Friday 23 October, Brighton 8pm St George’s, Kemptown
Brighton Early Music Festival



Qudduson – Sanctus – Holy: the word reverberates through the sacred music of East and West. In this new programme, The Clerks join three Middle Eastern singers steeped in Islamic and Christian music.
Qudduson presents Middle Eastern chant and Western polyphony side-b-yside. The ancient Syriac liturgy of Aleppo – thought to be the oldest Christian chant repertoire in the world, the Islamic music of Sufism and songs from the Coptic Egypt are set alongside chant and polyphony from the Cathedral repertories of the Western Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Repertoire includes chant from the ancient chant from the Syriac, Byzantine and Maronite tradtions, Islamic chanting and improvisation and classical songs.
Music from the European Middle Ages and early Renaissance includes Gregorian chant and organum, polyphony by Palestrina, Pierre de la Rue and Giaches de Wert and a song by John Dowland.

A special commission by Robert Saxton will combine the various vocal forces involved in Qudduson.

For Qudduson, The Clerks are joined by George Qas-Barsoum is a bass soloist at the Church of Hayy Surian in Aleppo, which was built by refugees fleeing Edessa in the 1920s. His experience and knowledge of singing the Syriac Orthodox liturgy of this ancient community, some of the oldest Christian chant in the world, is unsurpassed.

Abdul Salam Kheir (Lebanese) specialises in Muwashahat (classical Arab song) as both singer (baritone) and oud player.

Merit Ariane Stephanos is a Coptic Egyptian/German singer and composer who draws on Arabic and Western classical contemporary influences in her music.
merit ariane stephanos


Luigi Boccherini

Guitar Quintets

7 p.m. Sunday 25th October

St John’s Chapel, St John’s Street, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1UR

The Benavente Quintet

Judy Tarling and Ilana Cravitz – violins, Rosalind Hanson – viola
Lynden Cranham – ’cello, Peter Lay – guitar
(period instruments)

Tickets £10 (concessions £7) including wine
available from: (01435 830839), Bastow’s Classics, 50 North Street, Chichester (01243 533264)
or on the door


James Evinson writes:

Tragedy!! I have reached the stage where I cannot keep collecting things (music, CDs and lute-related items excepted!) and am looking to find homes for a few items.

I have a small pile of back issues of "Early Music News" magazines, dating from July/Aug '99 to Oct '03 (the last issue). Primarily news about the Early Music world and comprehensive UK-wide concert listings, each issue is around 12-16 pages. They are hole-punched for filing purposes (a handy A4 size), but otherwise in perfect condition. If anyone would like them for their archive, I will let them go to a good home for the price of postage & packing.

In addition to the above, I have a number of duplicate Lute CDs, from the time when I thought it might be a good idea to have a selection available for sale at Lute Society meetings. The lute world is much wider than just those who attend meetings, so CG has kindly consented to circulate the list of what I have available to all LS members. All are new, most (but not all) are still cellophane-wrapped. I will deal with all enquiries democratically on a "first come/first served" basis, although I do have some duplicates.

Cost would be £5 per CD, plus postage (£1 UK / £2 Europe / £3 USA & everywhere else). I can accept cheque (£ sterling), paypal ( or simply bring cash to the next Lute Society meeting.

Finally, if anyone is looking for a specific recording not on the list below, please drop me a line with details and I will let you know if/where I find a copy available.

CD Recordings for sale


Dowland - Consort Music & Songs (Rose Consort/Catherine King / Herringman) 8.55326, 1997

Weiss - Sonatas for Lute Vol 2, no's 5, 25, 50, (Robert Barto) 8.553988, 1999

Weiss - Sonatas for Lute Vol. 3, no's 2, 27 & 35 (Robert Barto) 8.554350, 1999

Weiss - Sonatas for Lute, vol. 4, no's 21, 37 & 46 ((Robert Barto_) 8.554557, 2001

Music of the Italian Renaissance (Shirley Rumsey) 8.550615, 1994

Music of the Spanish Renaissance (Shirley Rumsey) 8.550614, 1993

da Milano, Fantasias, Ricercars & Duets (C. Wilson / S. Rumsey) 8.550774, 1994

Holborne / Robinson, Pavans & Galliards for Lutes (C. Wilson / S. Rumsey) 8.553874, 1998

German Lute Songs (Martin Hummel, bar. / Karl-Ernst Schroder, Lute) 8.55935, 2002

Harmonia Mundi

Baroque Lute Music vol. 1, GG Kapsberger (Paul O'Dette) HCX 3957020, 2001 (reissue)

Baroque Lute Music vol. 2, da Milano, Borrono, lo'Aquila & de Rippe (Paul O'Dette) HCX 3957043, 2001 (reissue)

EMI Classics

Lautengalanterie - Falckenhagen, Baron, Hagen (Anthony Bailes), 8 26520, 2000 (reissue of 1979 recording to CD)

Lautenmusik von S.L. Weiss (Hopkinson Smith), 8 26513, 2000 (reissue of 1978 recording to CD)

Everything Else

European Lute Music (single CD selection from 4-CD set). (Konrad Rogossnig) Eloquence, DG 469 679-2

Varietie of lute-lessons (Lutz Kirchhof) - Sony, Seon SKB 60098, 1998 (reissue of 1982 recording)

Bach on the Lute, vol. II - BWV 1006, 1003 & 1005 (Nigel North) - Linn Records, CKD 029, 1994

Greensleeves, A Collection of English Lute Songs (Julianne Baird/Ronn McFarlane) - Dorian DOR 90126, 1989

The Mad Lover (works by Blow, Lawes, Boyce, Parry, etc) (Evelyn Tubb, sop./Frances Kelly, triple harp). Musica Obscura 070987, 1993

Nutmeg & Ginger, Spicy ballads from Shakespeare's London (Musicians of the Globe/Pickett) Philips, 456 507-2, 1999.

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