An Open Letter to BGS Members from Ian Segui, London Mandolin Society

Dear Bromley Guitar Society,

Due to the success of the 2009 Festival Concert, the London Mandolin Festival returns with a new theme "Rumba and Accordion" which will see players taking part performing pieces featuring the rumba rhythm and accompanied by an Accordion soloist. The festival would like to encourage the Bromley Guitar Society to participate!

Participation in the festival not only means improvement in technique with a concert to aim against and more substantial pieces to practice but participation also means meeting like minded plucked string players from all over London, and having a lot of fun. Evidence of this can be found from just talking to players and audience members of the first festival concerts including one your members Shirley who gave positive reviews on the event. The festival requires participation from at least one member from the Bromley Guitar Society in the final concert for the Society to be mentioned in advertisements, and during the concert.

If any members wish to hear any recordings from the festival to get an idea of the music to be practiced and performed, please visit the festival website on,
the parts to practice can be downloaded from Any other information on the festival including rehearsal dates and venue can be found in Any interested players please ask them to register at

The festival looks forward to hear from guitarists!

Ian Segui
London Mandolin Festival Organiser.

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