Meeting Saturday January 16th

An absolutely great turn out that evening with a few new faces as well as some past friends returning. That's just what we are at the BGS!! One big happy family!!

Our musical paterfamilias, Ray Butcher, was on hand to lead us through the dreaded intricacies of Scarlattis Sonata in D for 4 guitars which we bravely blundered our way through. Still some harmony is starting to emerge- a feat that has been considerably improved since I cheated and swapped my piece from Guitar 1 to Guitar 2, thus saving myself a heap of embarrassment from battling 'at the deep end' of the guitar pool with the higher frets! Don't tell Ray!!! Special thanks to Shirley for organising the copies of all the parts.

We'll need to get cracking on this for the Federation Guitar Socities meeting at Southhampton (which now may be taking place in September)

A great round of solos as well. Vince has recorded them and will add them to the web site ASAP.

Only one slight snag...the paper I used to note the names of the pieces and players has gone missing so I you are reading this blog AND you performed a solo at the meeting please email me the name of the piece!! ( )
Christine Dabrowa played Sons De Carilhoes By Joao Pernambuco, 1883. (Without a G and T before hand for which she is very proud!!)
John Mann played Villancico de Navidad by Barrios.
BGS Concert Update
On a more positive front, ticket forms for Nora Buschmann's concert are now available on the blog site and will be sent out with the BGS newsletter. Get in quick with your booking as this looks like it will be a cracker of a concert!
Thanks to Vince Chittenden

In the absence of Trevor, our Chairman did an absolutely outstanding stint in the refreshments area, making sure that we were all fed and watered. He has our appreciation and thanks! And thanks to Steve for getting the hall prepared (and being generously forgiving when I arrived too late to assist!!)

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