Victoria and Albert Museum- Closure of Music Galleries call for action

I have included this letter from Chris Godwin as a matter of public interest. Please support Chris in ensuring that the Music Gallery remains available for the rest of us!

You may by now have heard the alarming news that on 22nd February the V&A museum in London is to close its musical instrument galleries permanently. The instruments, which constitute one of the world's great collections, and have been a vital resource in musical education and the early music revival, will go into storage and will only be available for viewing by special request.

The space currently dedicated to historic instruments will be given over to more fashion displays - as if there weren't enough about fashion and fashion history in the media already; the V&A probably hope to attract more visitors in this way to a more 'popular' display.

All is not entirely lost; there are plans to redisplay the instruments in few years time at the Horniman Museum or elsewhere.

But obviously now is the time for as many people as possible to make their feelings known. The decision was taken personally by the Director, so the best way to register dismay, and urge for the redisplay of the instruments to take place as soon as possible, is to write to him personally:

Mark Jones, Director
V&A South Kensington
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL

Also you can write an email, asking for it to be forwarded to him to Sarah Medlam, e:

And there is a facebook petition at

Do write to one or all of these if you have the time.

best wishes
Chris Goodwin

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