Meeting Saturday October 16th

Your correspondent learnt many things about himself at this meeting. His skills in multi-tasking (some unkind people such as his nearest and dearest would refer to it as 'floundering') reached new heights (or plummeted new depths) as he took on the role of Master of Ceremonies, Ensemble Leader, Refreshment provider for the evening.

However thanks to the patience and good will of those members who joined us, especially the timely assistance of Christina Dabrowa and John Mann with the ensembles, we managed to have a great evening. It was a small but nevertheless dedicated group who arrived!

We revisited some of the pieces played at the Federation meeting with a brave attempt at Valse Venezuelienne which didn't sound too bad, thanks to John taking the lead with it.

After a coffee break we launched into some great solo performances which included the following
Peter Nuttall's Nightpieces performed by Marion Davies

Weiss ' Passacaglia' performed by Dave Hampton

Dowlands 'Lord Zouches Masque' performed by Derek Carter

Weiss 'Fantasie' performed by John Mann

A performance of Pernambucos' Sounds of Bells, Tarrega's 'Tango' and Figueredo's Priva Resuello performed by Rob Sellery

Louise Walker's Ein Kleine Romanz' performed by Christina Dabrowa

And a Brouwer piece performed by Larissa Liebermann. (Sorry Larissa- I mislaid the name of the piece!)

(Your correspondent managed to murder Bogdanovich's Passacaglia which STILL continues to remains a work in progress!!)

It was a great evening and we all look forward to a return to normality in November when Ray Butcher returns from his Irish travels. And the other good news is that we gained a new member- Welcome to Ron Eaves from Sidcup!! We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting in November.
The not so good news is that I (or should I say the BGS Committee) owes Dave Hampton ten quid!!!

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