Performer Spotlight Seb Genovese

SEB GENOVESE Guitarist/ Composer
Presents: Live Music for the silent Movie

Sebastiano Genovese hails from Naples, Italy he is a classical guitarist and Composer, his latest project is “Live Music for Silent movies”.

The 1st movie he has compiled music and provided accompaniment for is Charlie Chaplins The Kid (1921)

Featuring composers from Brasil, France, Venezuela & his own compositions. The main inspiration for this project is the composer Anibal Augusto Sardinha (Garoto) (1915-1955) who is of the same era as Chaplin himself, Garoto’s music weaves in and out of the drama effortlessly. Chaplin & Garoto as a pair the two share a joyful irony and at the same time depth of artistry.
Seb Genovese performs solo guitar and provides an exquisite live soundtrack for this classic silent film.

GAROTO: Brasil Tristeza de um violao, Esperanca, Jorge do Fusa, Gente Humilde, Grazioso,Choro Triste 2, Lamentos do Morro, Vivo Sonhando Ronald Dyens: French: Tango en Skai SEB GENOVESE:Italy Tango de los encuentros, Tarantella ieri e domani, Antonio Lauro :Venezuela: Vals Venezolano Villa Lobos:Brasil: Choros No.1

just 9.37 min on youtube of Seb Genovese plays Charlie Chaplin (THE KID 1921):

Seb Genovese:
contact :07859998347

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