Meeting Saturday 16th April

Had a great turnout for the meeting. Tonight's meeting was a combination of ensemble practice under the baton of Maestro Ray Butcher plus some great solo performances. Special welcome to our newest members Shaun Gilmore and Liam Fitzpatrick (who both must have be wondering what they have walked into!!)

Ray pushed us all into the deep end of the pool with another hearty burst at Los Palmeros- which saw Den banished to the back of the room all in the aid of acoustics balance and I stress NOT for any behaviour misdemeanour...well if there was I certainly didn't see it!! Seriously I think we will have a pretty good handle on Los Palmeros well in time for the FGS Meeting. Our second piece Carnavalito is also showing signs of great promise- all we have to do now is concentrate on starting and finishing on time!!

Ray also introduced us to Cornlieus's arrangements of Shostokovich's March and Waltz. The waltz arrangement I liked- mainly because I recognised the tune!! The March???? Hmmmm- well at least we have May and June in order to get to grips- Gulp!! Only two more meetings!!!???!!

The solo performances were up to the usual high standard. The following performances were provided

Siciliana (Messioner) performed by Jenny Wormald
Packington's Pound (Anon) performed by Liam Fitzpatrick
My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home (Dowland) performed by Larisa Lieberman and Vince Chittenden
Minuet in D Minor (De Visee) and Waltz in D (Tarrega) performed by Steve Pearson
Study in A (Tarrega) performed by Freddy Carvalho
Confused Mind (Kim) performed by Danny Kim
I Dream of You (Per Orlov Kindgren) performed by your correspondent.

As soon as Vince sorts out the sound pixies you will be able to listen to the pieces online.

Here are the soundfiles (Cheers Vince)

In his relentless drive to ensure that we look at least like a cohesive unit, Ray took a leaf out of Captain Mainwaring's book and made us practice the gentle art of bowing to the audience. Stand 1-2-3 Bow 1-2-3 Site 1-2-3. Unfortunately our response was more Corporal Jones ....still two more sessions to go so we get it right!!

We missed Trevor but his role as quarter master was well and truly handled by Larisa for which we were very grateful (as always).

See you back in May!!

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