Saturday May 21st Meeting

Unfortunately your correspondent was not available for the meeting of May 21st. However we have an excellent report provided by Steve Pearson which is reproduced below:

Another enjoyable and well attended meeting at St Mark's. The evening was divided into ensemble rehearsal for the FGS meeting and members solos and duets.

Ray, as usual, showed great patience with us and progress of sorts was made with both Los Palmeros and Carnavalito. As for the mass ensemble Shostakovitch pieces, the Waltz was recognisable although the March can definitely be regarded as 'work in progess'. With only one full rehearsal left before the big day could all participants put in as much practice as possible - and yes that includes me! As always a big thanks to Ray for his continued and invaluable help.

The Society would also like to extend a warm welcome to new member, Paul Yates. Paul was reluctant to get out his guitar for the first ensemble (despite the odd 'comment' from Ray) but proved later that he should have no doubts about ability. As usual members performances were varied in content - as follows;

Vince and Larrisa - La Rossignol (anon) and Interludio (Brouwer)
Vince - Prelude (Weiss)

Marion - Nostalgia (anon)

Paul - Lagrima (Tarrega) and Julia Florida (Barrios)

Tommy - Fantasia (Mudarra) and Choro De Venezuela (Page)

John - Lettre a soi-meme (Dyens) and Tango en skai (Dyens)

Special thanks to Vince for recording the performances. Click here to listen

Tommy's Choro De Venezuela was written by him and was excellent. It also meant a world premiere for St Mark's Church hall. I should also highlight Paul's performance, not many have the courage to play Julia Florida from memory at their first meeting. Finally, this review would not be complete without a special mention of John's interpretation of Dyen's Tango en Skai which was brilliant and breathtaking. I cannot imagine how much practice must be required to play this piece to this standard - well done!

Larrisa was unavoidably delayed so for a while we thought we'd be nipping off to Costa Coffee at the interval. Luckily she arrived in time to save the day. Thanks.

See you all in June

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