Federation Guitar Societies Annual General Pluck 'n Strum!!

And a Happy 30th Anniversary to Bromley Guitar Society!!
Sunday 26th of June will mean many things to many people!!
For the Bromley Guitar Society, it was the culmination two great events- our 30th 'birthday' of the Bromley Guitar Society coinciding with the annual FGS Meeting and all round jam session at Hawes Down Primary School!! What better way of celebrating a birthday than inviting all your nationwide Guitar Societies pals to join in the fun!!
The day commenced with a few musical 'aerobic' exercises provided by Cornelius Bruinsma to get us all in the mood. Because we were based at a school, Cornelius took advantage of the 'house system' to ensure that we kept on track and paid attention to his words. We found ourselves organised into house groups (a little like Harry Potter....10 points to Gryffindor!!) His method looked like it was going to succeed until he appointed Ray Butcher to tally the points!! It didn't escape anyone's attention that Ray's "house team" seemed to be leading in the points scale all the time........!!
After a welcome from our chairman, the Federation day got off to a great start in high Russian style with the performance of Shostakovich's March and Waltz under Cornelius's careful control. There were some of us (your correspondent mainly) who previously despaired at attempting to master the March after constant rehearsals. However it was amazing to see how a large assembly of guitarists can bring out that bit of 'magic' that makes the whole thing work ! I understand that Vince has made a recording of the pieces which we will put on line as soon as they are available.
Special thanks to the following guitar societies who joined us including the Widmore Players, Southhampton Guitar Society, North Buckinghamshire Guitar Society, Dorset Guitar Society, Greenwood Guitar Society and Enfield Guitar Society making the day truly successful
Ensemble work requires a lot of energy (especially during a 'heatwave') and we were fortunate to have the catering organised and delivered by Trevor Pike. Trevor, along with Theresa and Shirley, performed a mammoth task in providing a huge spread of food and drinks. The anniversary cake in the photo was provided by Shirley (and your correspondent can attest that it was delicious!!). Trevor, Shirley and Theresa deserve our thanks and praise for a job well done!!
After a great lunch each society entertained us all with some brilliant ensemble performances which the BGS managed to round off with a lightning quick version of Los Palmeros that I am sure Ray hadn't counted on during his previous rehearsals. (We certainly hadn't!!) More like Lost Palmeros!!! Well it was a hot day!!! Fortunately we got away with Carvavalito. (Even though your correspondent broke a thumbnail and his footstool in the process!! I blame it on those Latin rhythms!)
A lot of work went into the planning and delivery of the day and it is important to acknowledge the key people whose efforts made it such a success. This includes Ray Butcher for all his work in helping us develop our ensemble prac work. Our executive members Denis Stockton (chairperson), Steve Pearson (Treasurer) and exec members Shirley Russell and Trevor Pike were the main drivers for the success of the day. Along with Den's partner, Theresa (we all agree you don't deserve her, Denis!!) Dave Hampton and the head teacher of Hawes Down Junior Matt Defreitas who pitched in and helped in preparing the venue. I can even forgive him for being an AFL Hawks supporter!!)
The head of the Federation of Guitar Societies, Martin Shaw, was fulsome in his praise for the work put into the organisation and delivery of the event!
Keep following this site for a video update, once Vince's sound pixies have performed their spells!

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