Beckenham Music Festival 2015

After years of trying, but always being just pipped at the post, at last we have succeeded. We are now the pippers and not the pippees! The BGS ensemble claimed first prize at the Beckenham Music Festival, taking possession of the Strover Cup for the first time!
We are playing better now than ever. Surely that is a direct consequence of the extra meetings we have been squeezing in over the past six months. For years it had been suggested that we didn't practise enough as an ensemble, and it looks like that advice was correct.

Our recital consisted of two pieces:

Ballad by Mark Houghton
Monky Business by Peter Nuttall

Other festival performances by BGS members were:

Suite in Dm (de Visée) performed by Larisa and Vince in the duet category

Tombeau sur la mort de Monsieur Comte de Logy (Weiss) and
Prelude BWV 998 (Bach) played by Tessa.

Unfortunately, Trevor was too poorly to play his solo guitar piece but had done really well in the singing category the previous day.

Thanks go out to all those involved in arranging the Beckenham Music Festival and, not least, to Helen Sanderson for her firm and constructive adjudication on the day.

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  1. Way to go guys. Congratulations to all the BGS ensemble performers on a fine effort. Richly deserved!!