BGS Meeting March 7th 2020

We kicked off the evening with ‘Rest Awhile’ the easy piece we played last time. David followed this with ‘Sunshade’ the first line of which was marked “Intro and Outro”. Outro was a new concept for some members.

Our sight-reading skills were stretched by three new pieces - Calle del Rey and Latin Rondo by John Compton, and El Vuelo de la Cisne by Petula Compton, arranged by John Compton. All
three tunes were approached slowly the first time to give everyone a chance to join in, and very  slightly faster with more confidence the second time.

After refreshments provided by Kate, we listened to pieces played by –

Marion Mr Dowland’s Midnight (John Dowland)
Michael Spanish (Trad)
Tom Menuett (J A Logy)
Raymond Andante (F Carulli)
David Fear a Bhata (Trad. Irish)

We are familiar with the five tunes in the Connemara Suite and enjoyed playing them through to finish the evening. Some of us remembered playing these under John’s baton a few years ago, and tried to incorporate things we learnt from him.

Our next sessions are on Saturdays 21st March and 4th April.

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